Freedom From Labels
Discover who you really are, free from the restriction of labels.
For Teams Ready to Break Free from Labels
Identity is a key concept that can help or hurt the formation of a team. Who we see ourselves as individually and who we see ourselves as together can have a huge impact on interactions, culture, and productivity.
Key Concepts
  •  Personal Values and Deeply Held Beliefs
  • Personal Identity Formation
  • Communal Identity Formation 
How we see ourselves, and the language we use, has a profound impact on who we become.
Andrew Nemr
Related Work
Bring the award winning short film Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story to your event for an expanded experience with your participants. The film journeys with Andrew as he explores the question, "Who am I?"
  • 23min Film
  • Audience Talk Back with Andrew 
  • Tap Dance Performance by Andrew (Optional)

Key Understandings

  • How values are formed – through intergenerational teaching, references, and personal experience.
  • How deeply held beliefs affect personal and communal formation.
  • The deep connection between language and self-identity.
  • The impact communal identities have on our individual formation.

Key Takeaways

  • Ability to articulate personal values, deeply held beliefs, and origins.
  • Ability to articulate personal identities and how they have affect individual formation.
  • Ability to articulate how communal identities interact with individual formation.
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